Plubo -
Another one

fights the dust

Plubo designs and manufactures feather dusters, cobweb dusters and radiator brushes to keep your house dust-free. With our mops and mop cloths you can clean fast and efficiently. Thanks to our accessories such as telescopic handles and suspension systems we make your life easier.



A few tips to keep your house tidy

With Plubo’s brushes, feather dusters and mops, everything in your house will shine as never before. Let the kids horse around. And get ready for the next party.

“Plubo’s products merit our authenticity label. Only craftspeople working with quality handmade products made in Belgium qualify for this recognition”

What can our products help you with?


In high corners, between radiators or behind closets


Getting any surface clean quickly and efficiently, without much hassle.


Everything you need to neatly store or use your cleaning tools even better.

Discover our

Natural fiber brushes

Plubo is 100% committed to quality. Our natural fiber brushes and feather dusters absorb the tiniest dust particles. From now on, precise dusting is possible thanks to our brushes and feather dusters with goat hair, horse hair, lamb wool or ostrich feathers.