Telescopic handles

High ceilings or places that are hard to reach at home, in your garage or work-room. Using Plubo’s telescopic handles this annoying chore gets done in an instant. In no time you can screw the solid telescopic handle onto your cobweb duster, feather duster or dust brush and easily remove all dust and spider webs.

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telescopic handles

Plubo’s telescopic handles are made of the best aluminum. Therefore, the telescopic handles which can be up to 6 meters long, are very solid despite their length. Hence you can not only use them to dust but also to scrub. Plubo’s telescopic handles can handle some pressure.

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2-meter telescopic handle

  • 2 1-meter handles
  • Made of solid aluminum
  • Possibility to create an angle

4-meter telescopic handle

  • Three 1.4-meter telescopic handles
  • Including “knee” for bending effect
  • Light and easy operation

6-meter telescopic handle

  • Feather light thanks to aluminum handle
  • 3 2-meter handles
  • Bending is possible thanks to “knee”