Mop cloths

With Plubo’s mop systems and matching mop cloths you aim for optimal cleaning results. Your stone or wooden floor is clean again in no time. Microfibers absorb all dirt and water. And what’s even better: using Plubo’s mop cloths, you use up to 65 percent less water. Which is good for the environment and for your water bill.

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mop cloths

Plubo’s mop cloths have been developed for Plubo mopping systems. This ingenious mopping system doesn’t put a strain on your back and saves a lot of water. Moreover, our mop cloths can be reused up to 800 times. Plubo’s mop cloths are a joy to use. Cleaning your house in an instant leaves you more time to enjoy life!

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Floor mop cloth

  • Maximum water absorption
  • Solid cloths, clickable from 2 sides
  • Nylon knob to disengage course dirt
  • Both wet and dry, both on stone and wood
  • Washable at max. 60°C
  • Fits our floor wiper perfectly

Spray mop cloth

  • Soft microfiber absorbs plenty of water
  • Can be used dry as well
  • Perfectly fitting Velcro adhesion
  • Washable at max. 60°C
  • Compatible with our spray wiper