Plubo’s mops are handy mopping systems for a quick cleaning in between. Click your mop cloth in the holder without having to bend over and start cleaning. Quick and efficient. The flexible head makes mopping more convenient. Cleaning with a Plubo mop can be done wet or dry.

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At Plubo’s we have developed two mopping systems: one with a water tank and one without a water tank. That way you choose the mopping system that best suits your preference. All Plubo’s mopping systems are made of high-quality materials, so that cleaning becomes a fun chore to do whilst placing minimal strain on your back.

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XL floor wiper

  • With light aluminum handle
  • For stone and wooden floors
  • Matches Plubo floor mop cloths

Spray wiper

  • Built-in water tank (no more dragging buckets around)
  • Hinge system to clean under the bed and under the closet
  • Ideally suited for laminate and hardwood floors
  • Compatible with Plubo spray mop cloths