Dust brushes

Dust brushes sweep and dust places where no other brushes can get to. Plubo’s dust brushes catch the dust to only release it when you wipe out the brush. A thorough way to remove dust and fluff from under your bed or behind your closet.

Improved design

The closet brush

brushed off

During the golden sixties everybody had a “closet brush” at home. An elongated handle with a short brush at the end. The brush became somewhat obsolete, not in the least because of its unpractical design. At Plubo’s we figured it was about time to create an improved version. Plubo’s new dust brush contains a 3D brush enabling you to reach more surfaces when dusting. With the telescopic handle we make it easier to sweep under a bed or a deep closet.

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Dust brush

  • Made of goat hair (holds on to dust better)
  • Extendable with a telescopic handle (up to 3m)
  • Cleans small openings of a mere 3 cm