Feather dusters

Feather dusters or feather brushes attract wool, fluff and dust through static electricity. You can dust quickly and easily. Plubo has got feather dusters made of natural fibers (lamb wool and ostrich feathers) and of synthetic fibers (microfibers). A simple and classic, yet very efficient way of dusting.

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“A feather duster just moves the dust around”. Wrong, a bad feather-duster might scatter the dust particles, but not Plubo feather dusters. Our feather dusters made of high-quality materials attract dust and hold on to it. Just a quick shake outside and that’s it!

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Ostrich feather duster

  • Gets to the best hidden dust particles
  • Doesn’t leave scratches
  • Dusts even the most delicate surfaces

Lamb wool feather duster

  • Soft natural fibers
  • Ideally suited for furniture, walls and ceilings
  • Extend the feather duster using our telescopic handles

Microfiber feather duster

  • Perfectly suited for dusting bigger surfaces
  • Pliable in a convenient V shape
  • Easily cleanable (hand wash max 30°)