Radiator brushes

Dust gets into the tiniest cracks and chinks and hence also between radiator curves. It’s not easy to remove the dust from there. But with our radiator brushes your radiators will be dust-free in no time.

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radiator brushes

Getting radiators dust-free is not an easy thing to do. It’s where dust nets, spider webs and fluff gather. Moreover, radiators are not easy to clean. The fine cracks and curves make it a real chore. Using Plubo’s radiator brushes, dusting your radiators becomes a piece of cake. For any type of dirt and radiators we have the perfect brush!

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Flexibele radiatorborstel

Flexible radiator brush

  • Made of natural goat hair fibers
  • Holds on to small dust particles and spider webs and dust webs
  • Easily gets to the smallest cracks and chinks

Large radiator brush

  • Contains half-hard natural fibers made of horse hair
  • Perfect for removing persistent stuff
  • Up to 1 meter high
universele radiatorborstel

Universal radiator brush

  • Solid brush made of harder horsehair
  • Ideally suited for classical cast-iron radiators
  • Cleans up to 60 cm deep

Double radiator brush

  • Super soft natural fibers made of goat hair
  • Holds on to even the smallest dust particles
  • Suitable for modern towel radiators and blinds